Integrative Internal Primary Care Medicine - Services - Grand Blanc, MI
Ann Y.Burton, MD - Wellness   Prevention   Alternative   Complementary
Services Available:

  Alternative Medicine Examinations  ages 12 and up
  Max Pulse screening for heart disease & heart rate variability

Comprehensive Laboratory Testings:
  Basic laboratory testing (including Vitamin D & B, expanded       thyroid workup)
  Cardiac(Quest Cardiac IQ)/inflammation risk assessments
  Targeted comprehensive alternative laboratory workup 
        (including  homocysteine/MTHFR,neurotransmitter,etc)
  Alternative Lyme Disease workup
  Organic Acid Testing
  Allergy tests including IgG,IgE
  Heavy metal/toxins  tests
  Saliva testing/Hormone tests 

  Energy medicine: Frequency Specific Microcurrent(FSM)             specializing: pain/musculoskeletal and visceral treatments
  Thyroid/iodine therapies (including glandulars)
  Candida/yeast treatments
   Bio-identical hormone therapy (BHRT)
  Biomat/Infrared therapy
  Light therapy
  Cognitive therapy-Bipolar/Anxiety/Depression
  Stress relaxation/reduction techniques
  Lyme Disease/chronic fatigue therapies
  Parasite treatments
  Integrative oncology
   Aromatherapy featuring essential oils
  Alternative antibiotic treatments
  Detoxification/Chelation treatments (including IV protocols)
  Foot therapy
  Medicinal Foods(supplements)Natural remedies/treatments       Alternative pain treatments
coming soon: ozone therapy


Nutritional Counseling

  Dietary/meal counseling
          Herbal-whole food-organic-nonGMO recommendations
Referrals Available:
  acupuncturists, reiki therapists, holistic dentists, 
  chiropractors and therapists 
  conventional physician/therapy referrals
  mammogram alternatives/recommendations 
  Health Food store/supplement recommendations