Integrative Internal Primary Care Medicine - Office Locations and Insurance - Grand Blanc, MI
Ann Y.Burton, MD - Wellness   Prevention   Complementary
Office Locations and Insurance Information: 

Note: The offices uses an electronic record system; other electronic devices are present.  Please note this especially if you are EMF sensitive.


12741 S. Saginaw St.  Suite 402  Grand Blanc MI 48439
(office of Dr. Robert M Bouvier) 
Entrance: South corner of the Grand Mall   IN THE BACK
(look for "Coldstone Creamery" then go around to back of building, look for the first small black awning!)

NOTE: NEW PATIENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO EMAIL with any questions, then contact the office below.

OFFICE PHONE: 810-344-4635      810-694-7412


Due to the nature of Dr. Burton's practice, Dr. Burton no longer accepts insurances for office visits and treatments, with the exception of some forms of Priority Health.  Currently Dr. Burton accepts most Medicare programs (not Medicaid).    Dr. Burton offers essentially a cash-based practice (credit card/cash/check).   Basic conventional medicine laboratory and radiology orders will still be covered by your insurance. However, alternative therapies and testing, such as saliva hormone testing, heavy metal/ toxin testing, alternative allergy testing, are usually not covered by insurance. Supplements/medicinal nutrients are usually not covered (but might be reimbursed, such as under a health savings account).   Dr. Burton is not responsible for any billing charges associated with any laboratory or radiology testing.  All patients are strongly encouraged to contact their insurance company to confirm payment/reimbursement status.