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After you agree to conditions stated in section "Read Before Your First Visit"feel free to call the office Mon, Tues Thurs Friday  8-5pm   see exceptions below:

OFFICE is CLOSED on WEDNESDAYS all other days between 1:00pm and 3:00pm

Appointments are Thurs  9am to 6pm, and Fri 9am to noon
other times (including Saturday) by appointment.  

OFFICE   PHONE: 810-235-5181
FAX:  810-695-4622

For faster service with your questions, contact Dr Burton directly by email: [email protected] 
NOTE: NEW PATIENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO EMAIL with any general question, read "Before Your First Visit" before contact the office

Facebook option is available for general discussion and information only.  Dr. Burton does not directly comment or respond to inquiries on Facebook, Twitter, etc.