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Ann Y.Burton, MD - Wellness   Prevention   Complementary

           Do you want to see a doctor
          or do you want to be healthy?

      Tired of doctors spending only 10 minutes with you?

     Told your tests are normal but you still don't feel well?          

    Looking for an MD physician trained in "nontraditional"                                          treatments?                      

  Ready to DO THE WORK and partner with your doctor to
                             optimize your health?      
       If you are looking for any ol' doctor just to 'renew your meds,' or a hospital-based physician comfortable in the "status quo" of conventional medicine, then look no further.  

       Read on if you are seeking a fully licensed physician specializing in evidenced-based protocols including detoxification/chelation therapies, alternative testing and natural, herbal and nutrition treatments for thyroid, Lyme and autoimmune disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, autism spectrum, allergy/sinus infections and hormone therapy.  Read on if you are seeking alternative treatments in pain management, such as FSM (frequency specific microcurrent) and light therapies.  Read on if you are seeking a Specialist who emphasizes PREVENTION, repairing and/or augmenting the immune system, promoting stress management strategies, incorporating energy medicine and restoring balance to your body...